Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Premiere of Christopher Naum’s “Taking It to the Streets”


Taking it to the Streets premiered right here on  Wednesday July 21st 9:00pm ET

The first show topic is “What’s on YOUR Radar Screen”?
Check out what’s on of off your radar screen on

Christopher J. Naum, SFPE is a 35-year fire service veteran and a former Fire Chief/ Fire & Safety Coordinator at a U.S nuclear power plant and previously served as a commanding company officer for over twenty years in field operations with a volunteer fire department in Central New York. He is presently the Chief of Training for the Command Institute; a Washington, DC based emergency management & training organization with a focus on research, development & policy insights . A nationally recognized authority on building construction, structural collapse and command management, he has traveled throughout the United States, and internationally delivering training programs on building construction, command risk management and firefighter safety. (more info)

The show is being produced by Firefighter Netcast; the home of The Firefighter Netcast Show, The Voice of Reason, and Firefighter Storytellers.

Christopher Naum was an easy choice for creating another content rich radio show on Firefighter Netcast. After meeting Chris at FDIC, we quickly began discussing a show relating to Chris’s expertise in Command Safety and Officer Development. Chris is a seasoned speaker on many fire service topics. His knowledge, experience, and expertise in its delivery will be well served through live radio! Plan on listening in live or in syndication. Join the discussion and follow his blogs!

Taking it to the Streets is a Series and Fire Fighter Production

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  1. Jacklynn says:

    It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and pvorieds pragmatisdc solutions.


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